YouCan – Youth Cancer Support

Panoramic shot of a row of friends watching the sunset

We are YouCan – a new project set up by The Children’s Development Trust who have been established since 2008.

We aim to support young people aged 10-30 whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

Where we are right now..

We’re just starting out on the YouCan journey. We’ve got lots of ideas and plans and lots of amazing people who want to be involved and really believe in what we’re trying to do and that’s to offer support to young people, aged between 10 and 30, who have had to face cancer in their lives.

Within the YouCan team we have experience of what it’s like to be young and be told you have cancer. We know that the medical care you receive is amazing. There are fantastic support agencies out there while you’re going through treatment and we’re pretty sure that they all make a positive difference to how you get through those horrible cancer-dominated days.

We want to be a part of the support that helps you find the positives in your life again. Our Get Togethers have been designed to help you see beyond cancer and to regain confidence. We’ll help you move forward into a life without cancer. You’ll be able to meet other young people who are experiencing the same thing. YouCan Get Togethers will cover positive thinking, fitness, nutrition and other aspects of well-being.

From summer 2016 we will be offering you – whether on your own or with your friends or family – the chance to have a break at our house on the Kent Coast. Who doesn’t feel better just being by the seaside? Short breaks and themed weekends are our aim and we are looking forward to welcoming visitors very soon.

Panoramic shot of a row of friends watching the sunset


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