Exercise & Cancer

Natalie is keen for us all to embrace the energetic and rounds us all up for a thirty minute brisk walk around the block every day, insisting that we will feel better for the effort. She has no qualms about sending us out under dark and heavy skies and ignores our shivering at the thought of venturing out into temperatures that even a polar bear would consider inhospitable! And yet, she’s right. Once the trainers are on and the thermal layers are secured (woolly hats optional) it becomes rather an energising and, dare I say, enjoyable half an hour.

We all know exercise is good for us (even when we complain about doing it) but there have been a whole lot of reports in the media over recent weeks about the benefits of being physically active when it comes to cancer.   According to research carried out by Macmillan, physical activity can …

  • improve or prevent the decline in physical function without increasing tiredness (fatigue) during cancer treatment
  • improve aspects of psychological wellbeing during and after cancer treatment
  • help recover physical function and improve fatigue after cancer treatment

So it would seem it’s out with bed rest and feet up and in with a pair of decent trainers and a gym membership! Well maybe running a marathon is a little optimist right now, but a simple daily walk in the fresh air might just lift the spirits and give a little burst of unexpected energy?

Keeping on the physical activity theme, we’re busy organising our first fun run. We’re so grateful to the team at Leeds Castle for allowing us to hold the YouCan Run there on Sunday 25th September. There will be a choice of 5km and 10km routes and everyone who takes part will get a special YouCan Run t-shirt and a medal (of course) to celebrate their achievement and support. Entry forms and full info will be out very soon but if you, or anyone you know, would like to take part you can email us now and we’ll make sure you get the details as soon as they’re available. Do join us, we would love to see you there. hello@you-can.org.uk


And finally, let me introduce you to our newest ambassador, Benn Barham…


Ben is a professional golfer who has fought his own battle with cancer and has agreed to become an ambassador for YouCan. He will offer individual lessons to our young people, introducing them to the delights, and challenges, of golf. We are really looking forward to working with him and very grateful to him for offering his support to YouCan.