YouCan’s First Wellbeing Weekend

‘Absolutely fantastic weekend. You ladies are amazing and I feel so much better already. You have helped me face up to what I need and I can’t wait to take the next steps to my ‘new normal’ life! Thank you so much’


Doing anything for the first time can be pretty scary. Exciting too. But primarily, scary! We held our first ever Wellbeing Weekend and we just didn’t know what to expect. Would everyone enjoy it? Would they get anything out of it? The answers, it would seem, were ‘yes’ and ‘yes’. Happy days.

Stourmouth House, nr Canterbury was our beautiful home for the weekend and we welcomed eight young people to enjoy a couple of days filled with activities, therapies and spending time with people who understand.

We crammed in quite a lot to our weekend – a cookery class at the fabulous Chequers Kitchen, yoga & meditation sessions, reiki, reflexology, a beauty workshop courtesy of the beautiful Andrea Pellegrini and a class in NLP positive thinking. Combined with home cooked food (thank you Mandy – we all need that nut roast recipe by the way. Soooo good!) and the peace and beauty of our surroundings, it all added up to the most wonderful few days.

Of course, the most important thing for us was that our guests really felt they had benefitted from their time away. There’s another scary thing about a first time …asking people if it was okay?! We so want to make sure that we get it right for everyone. Will have to be honest here and own up to a few emotional tears when we read some of our guests comments. We feel like we’re on the right track, that people took away a lot of positives from their experiences and had the chance to try things they might otherwise not have done.

Cancer. It’s a difficult word to hear or say and sound positive. The impact on individuals, family and friends can be devastating and finding a way to reclaim a positive future, to leave cancer behind and move forward is difficult. If there is one thing that stands out for us about our first Wellbeing Weekend is that we heard people say that it gave them more belief that they could have that positive future, that there is help and support to feel better about themselves and their lives.

So our first Wellbeing Weekend won’t be our last. There will be plenty more and we’re already planning another couple for the near future. So if you, or someone you know, feel like you might enjoy a few days with us then please get in touch!

A huge thank you to the wonderful team of people who helped us over the weekend : Mandy Thacker, Debbie Kinghorn, Andrea Pellegrini, Maggie Kissane, Angela Davies, Jenni Campbell, Chequers Kitchen, Andy Hayward and Tesco!




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